Why couples counselling?

The reasons why couples come for counselling are wide-ranging but can include a wish to:

– improve how well you communicate with each other

– address feelings of being undervalued or not appreciated by the other

– create better balance in the relationship e.g. one person feels responsible for most of the decision-making

– improve levels of openness and honesty

– learn how to accommodate difference more successfully e.g. different personality styles, different attitudes to money, parenting etc.

– break cyclical patterns of arguing

– improve physical intimacy /  sex life

– iron out problematic areas in the relationship prior to a long-term commitment e.g. having children or marriage 

– have support adapting to a new life stage e.g. having children, children leaving home, retirement etc.

– examine the consequences of an affair and look at ways to rebuild trust

– change or improve relationships with wider family e.g. in-laws

– decide if you want to stay together

– address the impact of past addictions e.g. alcoholism on the relationship

– understand and resolve continuing resentments

– have a happier, more connected couple life

With a willingness to make changes in one’s own attitudes and behaviour and a commitment to improving the relationship, it is possible for a lot to fundamentally change in a relatively short period of time.