How I work

In the Initial Consultation, my aim will be to understand as fully as possible the reasons why you are seeking couples counselling and what you want to get from the process. If we consequently all decide that we would like to work together, my focus in the following counselling sessions will be on creating a safe, supportive environment where we can explore the core issues, gain greater understanding of them and make the changes that will create a happier, healthier relationship.

I will usually ask to see each person in the couple once, individually, early on in the counselling process (e.g. Sessions 2 and 3), in order to have a fuller understanding of their perspective and back story.

A typical number of sessions that I see couples for is 6-10 but this can be fewer or more depending on individual circumstances. I will regularly review with you how you are feeling about the process and what you feel are the current priorities for you.

Each session lasts one hour and I generally suggest that initially you come weekly. However, after a number of sessions together we might decide to change this frequency.

Please be aware that to ensure the safety of my clients, all sessions are currently conducted via Zoom.